Posted by: novakgirl | January 26, 2010

Novak Djokovic in Quaterfinals Battle with Tsonga

First, our respects to Andy Roddick and Rafael Nadal, two great competitors who unfortunately lost out yesterday in Melbourne due to injuries.

Now, let’s access the situation that this leaves Novak Djokovic in.  Today he plays French player Jo-Wilifred Tsonga the man he beat in the final of this  grand slam two years ago to win. While that leaves us with hope that Novak can take control of this high pressure and defeat Tsonga, Novak Djokovic’s record agaisnt Tsonga is currently 2-4.

They played twice in 2009, with Tsonga winning in France and Novak Djokovic taking the win in Miami. Both men are playing well right now.  Of course, we may be biased, but we still have to say that we feel that Novak has got this one in the bag if he keeps his concentration and plays well.

Good Luck Novak! Hoping to see you soon in the Semi-finals

Do you think Novak will have an easy win against Tsonga?  Comment and give your opinion!

Also, don’t forget to leave comments to support Nole in his quest for another Aussie Open Title!

Posted by: novakgirl | January 25, 2010

Novak Djokovic Is Hot in Aussie Open!

Okay, we’ve been the worst about blogging for our guy, but we sure as hell have been watching Mr. Novak Djokovic tear it up down under this past week.

Novak Djokovic has been making it look easy and has landed into the quarterfinals where he will next be facing French player and current world number 10 Jo-Wilifried Tsonga.  Now I like Tsonga, but I also LOVE Novak Djokovic’s chances to oust him and head into the Semi-finals!

In the meantime, we’ll get off our assess and start posting more often.

Go Novak!

Posted by: novakgirl | November 14, 2009

Novak Djokovic Defeats Rafa Nadal in Semi-Finals in Paris

Despite the anticipation set by the first two points in the match between Novak and Rafa live this morning from Paris, it turned out to be more of a beating than most of us expected.

Novak took an early lead in the first set and Nadal never got the chance to fully recover. 

The first set went to Novak 6-2. Although Rafa did start to put up a bit more of a fight in the second set, Novak again got an early break and made Rafa struggle to keep up for the rest of the second set.  In the end it went to Djoker 6-3.

Next up Novak will face either Gael Monfils or Radek Stepanek in the finals for the win!

Let’s go Novak! Going for the chance of two straight titles and a total of 3 since the U.S Open.


Posted by: novakgirl | November 9, 2009

Novak Wins at Basel

Its true Novak fans, we’ve been very lazy when it comes to posting updates in the past month. It isnt because we haven’t been watching tennis. It is more like we’ve been playing so much tennis that we’ve barely had ANY spare time for blogging.  Luckily Novak has NOT been as lazy as we have 🙂  Yesterday he beat Roger Federer in the final to win Basel. 

Congratulations NOLE!  He played a great match, totally dominating Federer with early breaks in each set and total domination 6-2 in the deciding set. And, of course, he looked GREAT doing it. 

Next up for Novak? tomorrow he will have his first match in Paris and we promise that we will be watching and reporting.

Posted by: novakgirl | November 9, 2009

Check out those legs! :)


Posted by: novakgirl | October 14, 2009

Ten Things We Love About Novak: The Guy Has Style

A lot of professional athletes just walk around looking like jocks most of the time. And again, that’s okay because they are jocks.  But the great thing about Novak is that he is a jock with style. Now, that doesn’t mean that we’ve never been left scratching our heads wondering what went wrong occassionally when we see what he is wearing. Such as in the following picture:


I am not digging you in the baggy khakis and baggy wrinkled shirt combo here Novak.

Either one of two things is going on here:

A) You pulled them out of the bottom of a  suitcase at the last minute, threw them on and trotted off to sign some Head crap, or

B) The guys at Head actually MADE you wear this outfit. They had it laying around in an old storage closet. It belonged to one of their execs in the mid-eightees. They thought “hey the eightees are in again according to fashion week Paris” so they figured they’d make it part of the contract.

Now, if the first scenario is what really happened you still aren’t off the hook. Why would you have such baggy khaki pants in your suitcase in the firstplace? I know that they were ‘hip’ according to the Old Navy crowd circa 1999 but nowadays…not so much.  If those guys at Head really did make you were too big-outdated khaki pants/button down combo then I hope you got a bit of extra cash added into that contract (oh..and don’t EVER let them dress you again).

Now back to the praise, because whoever it is that dresses you most of the time (and we hope that it is you, although if you are in need of some assistance in that area may I suggest myself for the job?) does a splendid job.

Exhibit A:

the hair, the coat, the collar=massive hotness

the hair, the coat, the collar=massive hotness

if for each of us

if for each of us

those eyes, that shirt, that smile  *le sigh*

those eyes, that shirt, that smile *le sigh*

happy Nole + snuggley shirt = all i want for christmas!

happy Nole + snuggley shirt = all i want for christmas!

our favorite Nole outfit...hey! "you're never fully dressed without a smile"

our favorite Nole outfit...hey! "you're never fully dressed without a smile"

(Ok. Maybe the last one is not really an outfit. It certainly does not prove our point that Novak has awesome style…but it still has its place as it remains one of OUR personal favorite get-ups to spy him in.
uumm…is that?….nevermind. I am a lady. I am going to remain a lady…)
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Novak Djokovic Wins 3rd Title taking the China Open!

Yeah, so its old news. There just seems to be so much great news rolling in from the Djokovic camp that we can’t even keep up with it.  He’s looking great at this end of the 2009 year and just making a very strong showing in Asia.

As I write this, I am watching him progress through the next round of the ATP Shanghi Masters.  Del Potro, Roddick, and Verdasco are ALL already out (two with injuries and we hope nothing serious).  I smell a Rafa vs. Nole Final!

Anyway, just to catch up on old news, here are some pictures taken after Novak’s victory at the China Open.


Posted by: novakgirl | October 10, 2009

Novak Djokovic posed to win China Open!

After easily putting away swedish player Soderling in his semi-final round in the China Open, Novak Djokovic successfully put himself not only into the final where he is posed to win another 2009 title, but he also reclaimed his spot as world number three in the ATP rankings!  Congratulations Novak!

In a strange turn of events, Nadal was taken out by Cilic and so Novak Djokovic faces a much less intimidating opponent in the final on Sunday.  I will be tuning in to tennis channel and watching all of the action live tomorrow starting with the women’s final at 7 am my time.

I will be sure to post the news of the match as soon as it is over!  Let’s Go Novak!

Posted by: novakgirl | October 8, 2009

Novak on to quarter finals in China Open

Novak advances to the quarter finals at the China Open! Next he will be playing Verdasco, which should be a tough match as Fernado has been playing great this year. But as Nole was able to take him out fairly easily at the US Open, we can all expect to see Novak Djokovic progress to the semis.

By the way. For those of you who have tennis channel (you probably were enjoying the replay of Novak’s match against Nadal in Rome last night)…you will be able to watch the final two days of the China Open this weekend on tennis channel.

Off to play tennis now myself!

Posted by: novakgirl | October 6, 2009

Novak progresses to next round in China Open

So Nole successfully made it on to the next round in the China Open yesterday.  He is second seed in this tournament in which five of the ten top men’s players are competing.  In a crazy turn of events yesterday also marked the end of Andy Roddick’s China Open.  The defending champ went out in his first match!  This only leaves Rafael Nadal as real competition for Nole…unfortunately for Nole, Rafa is serious competition! 

We do not doubt that Nole will continue on to the finals where he will most likely meet Nadal. So good luck this week Nole and we will be watching all of the coverage this weekend on the tennis channel. Seriously readers, if you do not already have the tennis channel. get it.

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